November 27, 2016 | Projects

TechUP is a free computer programming course offered to high school students in Gostivar. Participants learn how to code and design websites in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap and WordPress. At the end of the course, students have the skills to build quality websites for organizations, businesses, etc. Students with a passion for computers/technology are encouraged to apply for this program. This project has been our most successful and effective, with 5 completed semesters and more than 200 students have acquired advanced technical skills.

Techup Logo

As part of the program, the students had the chance to modify two simple games that were developed with the Python programming language. This was useful to understand that computer science has much more opportunities than simply creating a website.

Students chose a particular topic on which they developed their website idea. They had to use an online tool for creating the logo that fits their topic. Background images, contact forms and a gallery of images were part of their websites. Until the end of the program, each student managed to created a fully functional website that satisfies the needs of a regular user.

Techup Logo

Each week, the students could go to the official website and download the codes that were developed by their mentors. These codes helped them stay on track and keep their websites free of mistakes. The guidelines were very helpful because the users were often complicating their code. The presentation slides were available online each week as well.

Techup Logo

The website for this project can be accessed through the link Techup.