Arlind Musliu

Always ready for being part of any positive activity. Giving my best performance and commitment to my family, friends and work. Maybe not a hero saving the world, but always aiming to be a real model of a sincere, hardworking, family person.


About me

So far, my modest achievement includes being chosen as the Valedictorian of SEE University (Tetovo, Northern Macedonia) during my bachelor studies for Business Informatics. I earned my master’s degree on Web Technologies at Linnaeus University (Vaxjo, Sweden).

I have been part of many community activities and NGOs, including the implementation of youth competitions, grass-root activities and IT projects. I am the president of YEP, which is a youth organization aiming to help the youth. The most influential project being the development of TechUP, a free programming course that has inspired and influenced the youth to continue studying IT. Currently managing CoWork Gostivar, a coworking space designed to help the youth transform their ideas into startups with the least amount of costs and with the best resources.

A family business will always be the most successful form of business. Together with my brother we founded Lucky Media, initially as a design and printing house that became the most known in the region. Later, we started to shift our business towards digital marketing and web development. We are working with companies from the US and the European Union. We feel how our company is constantly growing and our team is getting bigger. However, we don't want to lose our core values that made us into what we are today. We continue with our commitment of being a professional, reliable and friendly partner.


What I love doing



A good manager is not a boss that simply gives orders. He needs to lead the way and inspire.



Back end programming involves logic and problem solving, and that is my greatest passion in life.



A wasted day is the one where you haven’t done anything different from the earlier days. Thus, Explore!

A modern day programmer

We need to change and adapt with every moment that passes.
We can clearly see that the world is rapidly changing and we use technology almost everywhere. As programmers, we need to understand that we cannot let ourselves behind this constant evolution. What we know today and use during our daily work, will probably become obsolete very soon. Our duty is to stay in touch with the rapid changes around us and learn new technologies.

and a friendly manager

Each individual is a world in itself.
We need to understand that when we meet a person, it doesn’t mean that it didn’t exist before that meeting. Thus, we need to treat each employee as a person, with a special character, having different needs and dreams. That’s the only way to inspire, motivate and guide employees to success. My aim is not to command, but to lend a hand.


The other side of me . . .


Helping the community

We need to give back to our community. Our actions should always be towards positive changes.


Spreading optimism

We must become the source of light and hope, the reason for change, the reflection of goodness.


A servant of God

Nothing is more valuable than having faith in God, being humble and committed to your values.